Sushi Rice Maker
Sushi Rice Maker
Sushi Rice Maker
Sushi Rice Maker Sushi Rice Maker
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Take the guesswork out of making that tangy, delicious sushi rice with this. In just seconds, you can turn your rice into sushi rice and be used for either donburi(rice bowls) or sushi rolls. Most rice dishes are mildly flavored in Japanese restaurants. Now, you can make the same thing easily.

Fortified with seaweed kelp extract for an authentic flavor.

Once you finish cooking rice, just sprinkle 1 tbsp onto the hot rice. Distribute well and it is ready to serve.

1 tbsp to 300g cooked rice, about two bowls.

Helps to firm up your rice and improves aroma and texture. Great for all Japanese rice dishes but great for sushi!

Get some nori cups and you're ready to make sushi like a pro tonight.

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