Soy Sauce Spray Bottle
Soy Sauce Spray Bottle
Soy Sauce Spray Bottle
Soy Sauce Spray Bottle
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Refillable and hygienic. Easy and mess-free way to dispense soy sauce. Less waste, prevents spills and no clean up. 

Sometimes it's inevitable that you or someone else might want to double dip into the soy sauce tray while having sushi. This can get messy and embarrassing for others. Other times your sushi piece may impart another flavor into the soy sauce. Sharing soy sauce in a shared bowl can be unhygienic. Food items may even drop into it.

With this sprayer, everyone can easily dispense soy onto their foods. Even kids can use this with no mess. Great for parties or eating together with friends/family alike.

Pro-tip - You can add other things like a few drops of sesame oil, or lemon juice, to spice up your soy sauce. Just make sure it is a liquid without small bits that can cause the nozzle to clog. For a spicy kick, just add a small seeded dried chili into your bottle.




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