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Zoo Ramen
Zoo Ramen Zoo Ramen
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Rroooawr!!! Zoo ramen is a great tasting ramen variety endorsed by the various zoos in Japan. Don't let the simple packaging fool you, each flavor is professionally custom made by one of the most respected ramen companies in Japan to truly capture the flavors popular in each respective city. Even the noodles are made to exacting standards from each city.

  • Ueno Zoo, Panda - shoyu ramen(tokyo soy sauce)
  • Sapporo Zoo, Polar bear - shio ramen(special salt)
  • Kyoto Zoo, Gorilla - shoyu ramen(kyoto soy sauce)

Each one is distinctive in its own way and makes a unique gift too. A portion of the proceeds go to support each zoo.

Limit 3 per order.

Pro-tip: I cannot stress this enough - never, ever use the water used to boil your noodles for making/reconstituting your ramen soup. Boil water separately to cook your noodles, then discard that water. Add fresh boiling hot water to your soup base, mix well, then add your drained noodles to it. This will result in a superior bowl of ramen!

#Cannot be shipped to Hawaii, USA.



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