Japanese Baby Foot Peel
Japanese Baby Foot Peel
Japanese Baby Foot Peel
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Have your feet turned scaly and rough? Embarrased when you wear sandals or are at the pool?

People often overlook foot care and that can in turn cause diseases and unsightly patches and unpleasant odors. This essentially turns your feet into baby feet again. It descales and helps remove all that dead unsightly skin and gives you fresh looking, soft and supple baby-like skin again.

If you walk a lot, you will get a lot of dry, thick, rough, and dead skin forming. This is especially prevalent in cold weather. This product will give you back your soft, beautiful skin again. Even if you use a lot of moisturizers, they cannot truly penetrate your foot due to all that tough outer skin.

After exfoliation from using this, your moisturizers will work twice as well! Your feet will literally have a healthy glow. Good for men or women alike. Stop using unsanitary tools like pumice or skin files to remove dead skin, the friction causes micro injuries that results in stimulating more growth within the skin layers.

Note: Some individuals may be allergic to plant extracts so we recommend you do a skin test before doing the full exfoliation. Just open one bag, take a drop of the gel(re-seal bag) and apply on a soft part of your foot. Leave for 1 hour, then wash off. Skin should be without excessive itchiness, redness or swelling. Continue with full use after 48 hours.

  • Cut open bag, insert feet and seal
  • Leave for 1 hour and rinse off, washing with a gentle soap
  • Skin will soften, and begin exfoliating(5 up to 10 days). Please be patient.
  • Make sure to moisturize after use
  • Discard used bags
  • Remove pedicure and nail polish before using
  • Be gentle after full exfoliation, your feet will be like a babys'
  • Repeat every 4-6 weeks
  • Keep out of childrens' reach

Contains two bags, one for each foot.

For some people, it may take two applications to achieve desired results. Made of humectant extracts and gentle naturally occuring plant acids. Regular use will remove bad feet odors and improve blood circulation.

Pro-tip: Follow up with Moisturizing Foot Mask to help rejuvenate your new baby feet!


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