About Us
About Us

struttin' for stuff

We are a small business dedicated to bringing cool and unique items from Japan to you via the internet. As our site name suggests, we walk the earth and shop as we go. We believe this model represents the most relevant and current experience. We don't carry a lot of items - only stuff we think are unique and enjoyable. Hope you enjoy our small web store.


Below are some answers to questions you may have:

Are all your items authentic?

We only carry 100% Official, New & Genuine products(mascots) found in Japan. No knockoffs, no copies.

Why are the photos unlike other websites?

You will rarely see studio quality photos on our website because ours are shot live as we see, touch, and try products. In short, what you see is really what you get.

How is the quality of the items you sell?

We only carry genuine and authentic items manufactured under Japanese quality control standards.

Why is there a limit on how much I can buy?

Most items on our webstore are meant for the everyday consumer. When businesses take advantage of our low prices, it raises our costs and delays shipment affecting other shoppers. We do welcome large orders but please contact us for such purchases.

Are the food items safe and fresh?

Any food item we sell will have an expiration date on the package. For items that are perishable, we make sure to ship expedited. Our items are available over-the-counter and deemed safe for the general public. However, any statements or claims have not been evaluated by the governing bodies and do not purport to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Some items may contain nuts, wheat, gluten, dairy and other foods that may be allergenic.

Can you buy items for me not carried on here?

Absolutely, just send us a link to the product in question and we will either put it up in the store or assist you in purchasing it.

Why do your boxes look weird?

We believe in recycling and reusing. As much as possible, we gather packaging materials and repurpose them. Don't be surprised if you receive nondescript boxes with your items in them.

Where are my receipts, invoices etc?

Please note that your email confirmations are not only invoices but receipts. Should you require paper copies, you may print those emails out. In the spirit of being ecologically conscious, we try to limit the amount of unnecessary paper and plastic products used. Reducing our carbon footprint and packaging wastes are important principles in our business model.

Where do you ship from?

All our items are shipped direct from Tokyo, Japan to you.


Thank you for your patronage, please recommend us to your friends.

We appreciate it!


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