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Green Tea Candy
Matcha flavored candy that has high concentration of green tea extracts. Such candies made for the Japanese market have higher con..
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Hokkaido Brown Bear Ramen Tripack
Sapporo Hokkaido Brown Bear Ezo Ripe n' Dry style ramen in all 3 flavors. You get one pack of each flavor - Miso, Soy and Shi..
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Microwave Rice Cooker
This is not a gimmick. It works remarkably well and is a great option for a dorm, hotel or bachelor/bachelorette. It will cook 1-2..
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Japanese Azuki Beans & Rice
Sekihan is a traditional Japanese rice dish usually consumed during special occasions or festivities. However, these days the..
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Salmon Puccho Candy
Live a little, take a chance. Try salmon chewy candy from Japan. The cute Sanrio character Kirimi-chan dares you to.  Seri..
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Kara-age Chicken
Another common good eats from Japan - kara-age, spicy fried chicken. Actually its not spicy(hot) at all. They just mean its g..
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Star Wars Mini Bag
Mini drawstring bag with a whimsical and cute Star Wars character for the Japan market. Limited edition item. Each bag is appro..
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Caramel Corn Puffs
indulge yourself with these delightful corn puffs from Tohato. One bite and you will be hooked. Its texture and flavor is decidedl..
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Curry Festival - Masters Edition
Everyone accepts ramen and sushi as a distinctive part of Japanese cuisine. However, did you know that curry is also taken ve..
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Soy Sauce Spray Bottle
Refillable and hygienic. Easy and mess-free way to dispense soy sauce. Less waste, prevents spills and no clean up.  Somet..
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Handmade Retro Japanese DIY Kit
These unique handmade DIY kits allow you to recreate nostalgic scenes from the 50's in Japan. In fact even today, you can fin..
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Poached Egg - silicon cup
Crack an egg into this silicon pouch and lower into simmering water. Remove at desired consistency and you have perfect looking po..
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Kewpie Pasta Mix
Easy and fast to prepare pasta mix by Kewpie(ku-pee).  Each flavor has an added flair so while it tastes authentuc, i..
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Premium Regional Ramen Sampler - 3 Pack
Every region in Japan have their own distinctive tastes and ingredients that they are known for. This is easily reflected in the s..
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Squid Ink Pasta Sauce
From renowned chef and restaurant in Japan comes this authenric squid ink pasta sauce. Carefullyblended pasta sauce accented with ..
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Matcha Sushi Green Tea Powder
Did you know that the matcha green tea served for sushi is different from the ones you drink regularly? These teas are specialy fo..
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Bourbon Alfort Chocolate Cookies
Marriage of premium smooth chocolate and rich butter cookie in every pack. Enjoy this with tea or coffee. Purchase Limit: ..
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Calbee Old World Kettle Style Chips
Nothing is more crunchy than kettle style potato chips. Made by artisans for generations, now you can also enjoy these yesteryear ..
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Rummy Chocolate for Adults
Winter treat! These hard to find chocolates are infused with liquers for the discerning adult. They are filled with f..
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Bacchus Chocolate for Adults
Special Winter only treat! These hard to find chocolates are infused with liquers for the discerning adult. They are fille..
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